Conceptual art, exhibition design and curating

Marieke van Diemen examines, from many different angles, how display of artifacts affect the perception. Thus Van Diemen established an unique view on conceptual art and exhibition  design.

Centraal Museum Utrecht, museum Boijmans van Beuningen and the Dutch House of Parliament  follow the concepts and designs by Marieke van Diemen for the display of their art collections.


The MAZE at museum Boijmans van Beuningen

For museum Boijmans van Beuningen Van Diemen currently works on a huge display design at the Atrium, the heart of the new Depot building: the MAZE.

About Perception

Every ordinary object surrounding us is designed to influence our perception. It has been considered and reconsidered in order to communicate whatever idea. This fascinates Marieke van Diemen.

She explores the effects on ‘the eye’ whilst confronted with the ordinary and casualness, the bottom-line of her investigation.

This crystallizes particularly in museums where her work quietly intervenes with the general conventions of exposing. 

To expose: not only as in displaying, also as in to explain or state, introduce and reveal.


Photography Editions and Museum Series
Commissions Conceptual Museum Design
Installations Investigations on perception
Sculpture Award winning veneer sculptures


Marieke van Diemen designed a distinctive set of showcases for the Atrium of DEPOT: the MAZE.

DEPOT will be the world’s first publicly accessible depository designed by MVRDV.

Marieke explains her vision on this conceptual museum design.


The print room and depository of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen follows the conceptual museum design by Marieke van Diemen. Two separate rooms, divided by a twenty-five meter glass wall reveal the daily practice of preservation and presentation of a world-famous collection of 80.000 works on paper.

The Central Passageway – Statenpassage

Van Diemen gives cultural heritage a seat in her conceptual art installation ‘Passage II’ at the Dutch Parliament in The Hague


The project ‘Passage II‘ by Marieke van Diemen was initiated by the ICN, Institute Collection of the Netherlands to give cultural heritage a new boost and to grant it a seat in the Central Passageway at the Parliament.

Selected Works

Photography, conceptual art and museum design
  • kraanspoor tz amsterdam
  • 2008_printroom_boijmans_beuningen
  • 2001-commissions-statenpassage-featured-image
  • 2005-prinsehaghe-school-04-overview
  • 2017-intervention-vases-boijmans-03
  • 1999-centraal museum-utrecht-03-1-archeologie
  • Poem II, arabisch
  • cmu-1993-95-opklapbed-stoel-wieg
  • 2001-vitrine-display-tweede-kamer-den-haag-01

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