Intervention #1

Installation Vaas/Vase

Ordinary industrial products, mostly domestic utilities, reflect intimate information about people surrounding themselves with particular (combinations) of objects.

Since the 90ties Van Diemen started several collections in order to investigate its premises. One of Van Diemen’s collections exists of more then 1500 West-Germany vases. These vases have participated in different projects, questioning the nature of this everyday object.

The installation Vaas/Vase gives expression to the vases’ serial production and the minimal differences in their colour and detailing. Implicit within this exhibition Van Diemen investigates and comments on display and ordenings of objects within the context of a museum and the decisive influence on the spectators’ perception and evaluation.

Project Details

Location Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Date 2007
Skills site specific installation with West-Germany vases
City Rotterdam

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