Passage 1

Centraal Museum Utrecht

Designs for the display of the permanent collection of Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

Passage 1

The design for Passage consists of a 20 metre long corridor connecting the old building with a new wing. The corridor, which has a gradual incline, provides the design with a confusing experience of perspective and orientation. The glass shelving forms the sole horizontal line in the design.

Project Details

Title Passage 1
Skills Displays
Location Centraal Museum Utrecht
City Utrecht
Date 1999


Religious sculptures

In the chapel of CMU Van Diemen made the design for the permanent display of religious sculptures.


Design for 15th century clay pipe devotional figurines, displaying the collection in its entirety, emphasising their early industrial origins.

Van Diemen also designed display cabinets at the Dutch Parliament (Tweede kamer der Staten Generaal)  in The Hague for temporary, themed display of collections of Dutch museums.


Roman Excavations

Design for permanent display of Roman excavations. Domestic bearers create a context, diminishing the years between the Roman and present time.

In 1996 Van Diemen won the Touché Award. In the following show ‘The nine of Touché’ at CMU Van Diemen combined her award winning Ensemble with her photography and selected objects from the Centraal Museum Utrecht collection.

The former director Sjarel Ex was impressed by her installation and asked van Diemen to embark on a big project: to design the displays of the permanent collection of Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

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