Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal

The project was initiated by the ICN, Institute Collection of the Netherlands to give cultural heritage a new boost and to grant it a seat in the Parliament.

Design and arrangement of nineteen pedestals to display eighteen white marble busts of famous Dutchmen and ‘the Illusion’ binding its wings. The busts are on permanent loan from several museums in the Netherlands.

Project Details

Title Statenpassage
Skills Displays
Location Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal
City The Hague
Date 2001

Display Cabinets

Designs for display cabinets for temporary, themed display of collections of Dutch museums.

Parliament gives cultural heritage a seat


Designs for three pedestals supporting Tulip Vases by Guido Geelen (image left), Boris Sipek (image right) and Jan van der Vaart in the main conference rooms.

Tweede Kamer geeft cultureel erfgoed een zetel

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