1500 and 1 Vases

In the 90ties Van Diemen started several collections in order to investigate its premises. One of Van Diemen’s collections exists of more then 1500 West-Germany vases. These vases have participated in different projects, questioning the nature of this everyday object.

 Composizione#3 - Con il nero, bianco e un’abberazione

Composizione #3
Con il nero, bianco e un’abberazione


Project Details

Date 2018
Material Collected ceramics, steel, plexiglass
Size 250 x 260 x 20 cm

Black – White – Stop – Motion


Project Details

Date 2017
Format Mp4
Video editing Eric Steensma

Site specific installation and photography at Deiska Amsterdam

Project Details

Location Outline and Deiska
Date 2002 – 2007
Skills Installation with West Germany Vases
City Amsterdam

Poem II, Marieke van Diemen

Poem I, 2003


Project Details

Location Deiska
Date 2003
Material Collected led glazed ceramics, MDF, paint acrylate
Size 240 x 170 x 18 cm
Collection Deiska, Amsterdam

Site specific installation at Outline Amsterdam

Part I  Mirroring Wings

The floor plan of the outline building, mirroring wings and a central space formed the basis, for this show.

One was not able to overlook the presentation at a glance, the spectator had to rely on visual memory. The wings displayed near-identical vases in a mirrored configuration.


Part II Video Vaas/Vase

In the central space the video Vaas/Vase was projected. The video shows a fixed series of portraits of 520 ‘West Germany vases’. Simple digital interventions and four recorded ‘vase sounds’ produce a hallucinating experience as well as a reflection on daily perception.

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