1500 and 1 Vases

In the 90ties Van Diemen started several collections in order to investigate its premises. One of Van Diemen’s collections exists of more then 1500 West-Germany vases. These vases have participated in different projects, questioning the nature of this everyday object.

Project Details

Location Outline and Deiska
Date 2002 – 2007
Skills Installation with West Germany Vases
City Amsterdam

Site specific installation and photography at Deiska Amsterdam

Qasida, 2017


Site specific installation at Outline Amsterdam

Part I  Mirroring Wings

The floor plan of the outline building, mirroring wings and a central space formed the basis, for this show.

One was not able to overlook the presentation at a glance, the spectator had to rely on visual memory. The wings displayed near-identical vases in a mirrored configuration.


Part II Video Vaas/Vase

In the central space the video Vaas/Vase was projected. The video shows a fixed series of portraits of 520 ‘West Germany vases’. Simple digital interventions and four recorded ‘vase sounds’ produce a hallucinating experience as well as a reflection on daily perception.

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